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teignmouth-and-dawlish-way-walking-routeTeignmouth and Dawlish WayTeignmouth and Dawlish Way50.547540,-3.491614These two lovely coastal towns are connected by this popular walk devised by Teignmouth and Dawlish Ramblers. The walk begins at Teignmouth pier and heads inland through some beautiful countryside and pretty villages before heading back to the coast at Dawlish. The last section returns you to Teignmouth via Holcombe.<br/>To extend your walking in the area you can pick up the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/dawlish-sea-wall-walking-route'>Dawlish Sea Wall</a> and head north east to Dawlish Warren. Here you will find a lovely nature reserve on the Exe Estuary with a huge variety of waders to look out for. You can also pick up the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/exe-valley-way-walking-route'>Exe Valley Way</a> at Dawlish Warren. Follow it north and it will take you into Exteter along the River Exe and the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/exeter-canal-walking-and-cycle-route'>Exeter Canal</a>.27263<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/teignmouth-and-dawlish-way-walking-route'>Teignmouth and Dawlish Way</a>11Teignmouth and Dawlish Way.gpx
greensand-ridge-walk-walking-routeGreensand Ridge WalkGreensand Ridge Walk51.916403,-0.670418A walk through Bedforshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire from Leighton Buzzard to Gamlingay. The route follows a ridge of greensand which rises from the clay vales on either side.<br/>
You will pass through <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/woburn-park-walking-route'>Woburn Park</a>, Millbrook, <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/maulden-woods-walking-route'>Maulden Woods</a>, <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/chicksands-wood-walking-route'>Chicksands Wood</a>, <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/ampthilll-park-walking-route'>Ampthilll Park</a> and Sandy with some delightful countrsyside, woodland trails and fabulous views to enjoy.
64139<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/greensand-ridge-walk-walking-route'>Greensand Ridge Walk</a>yesGreensand Ridge Walk.gpx
oxfordshire-way-walking-routeOxfordshire WayOxfordshire Way51.884522,-1.758660Take a trip through Oxfordshire and enjoy rivers, canals, pretty villages and beautiful countryside on this lovely trail. The walk starts in<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/bourton-on-the-water-walking-route'>Bourton on the Water</a> in the Cotswolds and passes Shipton-under-Wychwood, <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/wychwood-forest-walking-route'>Wychwood Forest</a> and <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/charlbury-circular-walk-walking-route'>Charlbury</a>.108106<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/oxfordshire-way-walking-route'>Oxfordshire Way</a>yesOxfordshire Way.gpx
goodwood-country-park-walking-routeGoodwood Country ParkGoodwood Country ParkExplore the Goodwood estate in Chichester, West Sussex on this circular walk. There's miles of nice woodland trails and some moderate hill climbs with splendid views over the South Downs, Chichester, the Isle of Wight and the famous Goodwood Racecourse.<br/>You can extend your walk by following the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/monarchs-way-walking-route'>Monarch's Way</a> to the nearby <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/eartham-woods-walking-route'>Eartham Woods</a> and <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/slindon-estate-walking-route'>Slindon Estate</a> where there are miles of cyling and walking trails to try. You can also climb to <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/the-trundle-walking-route'>The Trundle</a> Iron Age Hillfort for great views over the racecourse.12701<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/goodwood-country-park-walking-route'>Goodwood Country Park</a>Goodwood Country Park.gpx
astbury-mere-country-park-walking-routeAstbury Mere Country ParkAstbury Mere Country ParkEnjoy a waterside walk around the peaceful Astbury Mere in Congleton, Cheshire. There are wildflower meadows and views across the mere towards Congleton Edge and Mow Cop. The park has a visitor centre, easy access trail and Community Orchard. Astbury is located just a mile west of Congleton town centre.1.6776<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/astbury-mere-country-park-walking-route'>Astbury Mere Country Park</a>Astbury Mere Country Park.gpx
stanborough-park-walking-routeStanborough ParkStanborough ParkExplore 126 acres of countryside park on the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City at Stanborough Park in Hertfordshire. Attractions include a Watersports Centre, Nature trail, Lakes, a Restaurant and a Coffee Shop.2.5783<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/stanborough-park-walking-route'>Stanborough Park</a>Stanborough Park.gpx
greenwich-to-cheshunt-walking-and-cycle-routeGreenwich to CheshuntGreenwich to CheshuntFollow National Cycle route 1 on this pleasant ride or walk through north London into Hertfordshire. You start by the Thames at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich and crosses to the Isle of Dogs via the Greenwich tunnel. This section gives splendid views of the River Thames and Canary Wharf. <br/>Shortly after leaving the Thames behind you will come onto the Lee Valley path which will take you along the Regent's canal and through Tower Hamlets and Victoria Park. You then join the River Lee near Lea Bridge for some more waterside riding. The off road path then takes you past various Reservoirs until you reach the lovely <a href='http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk/' target='_blank'>Lee Valley Park</a> - London's largest open space. After going through the park you will soon pass close to <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/waltham-abbey-walking-route'>Waltham Abbey</a> before you arrive at the finish point at Cheshunt station next to Cheshunt lake.34206<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/greenwich-to-cheshunt-walking-and-cycle-route'>Greenwich to Cheshunt</a>Greenwich to Cheshunt.gpx
exe-valley-ride-walking-and-cycle-routeExe Valley RideExe Valley RideThis lovely easy ride or walk follows the River Exe, the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/exeter-canal-walking-and-cycle-route'>Exeter Canal</a> and National Cycle route 2 from Exeter to Exminster.<br> Highlights include Exeter's attractive quay, views of the Exe esutaury and the Riverside Valley Park.<br>Please click <a href='http://www.sustrans.org.uk/webfiles/Day%20Rides/Exe.pdf' target='_blank'>here</a> for more information on this route.11217<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/exe-valley-ride-walking-and-cycle-route'>Exe Valley Ride</a>Exe Valley Ride.gpx
bedford-to-sandy-walking-and-cycle-routeBedford to SandyBedford to Sandy52.130584,-0.441202This lovely route follows National Cycle routes 12 and 51 and the Bedford to Sandy way - an off road path perfect for walking or cycling. The ride is very flat with views of the Rivers Great Ouse and Ivel plus a spell through <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/priory-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Priory Country Park</a> the main highlights.<br/>
Also on the route is the National Trust owned <a href='http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/w-visits/w-findaplace/w-willingtondovecote/' target='_blank'>Willington Dovecote & Stables</a> - a Tudor stone-built stable, built for Henry VIII's 1541 visit <br/>
For more information on this route please click <a href='http://www.sustrans.org.uk/assets/files/Day%20Rides/BedfordToSandy.pdf' target='_blank'>here</a>
12220<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/bedford-to-sandy-walking-and-cycle-route'>Bedford to Sandy</a>Bedford to Sandy.gpx
leysdown-coastal-park-walking-routeLeysdown Coastal ParkLeysdown Coastal ParkEnjoy fabulous views of the Thames Estuary on this circular walk through Leysdon Coastal park and Leysdon Marshes on the Isle of Sheppey.
For cyclists please see the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/isle-of-harty-trail-cycle-route'>Isle of Harty Trail</a> which also runs through the park.
9687<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/leysdown-coastal-park-walking-route'>Leysdown Coastal Park</a>Leysdown Coastal Park.gpx
stroud-valleys-trail-walking-and-cycle-routeStroud Valleys TrailStroud Valleys TrailThis route runs from Stonehouse to <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/nailsworth-walking-route'>Nailsworth</a> following a disused railway line. The route is traffic free with splendid views of the Cotswolds and makes for a pleasant afternoon's cycling or walking particularly for families. Click <a href='http://www.sustrans.org.uk/default.asp?sID=1132759287156' target='_blank'>here</a> for more information on this route.<br/>You can further explore the area by following our walk to King's Stanley on the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/stroud-walking-route'>Stroud Canal</a>.9218<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/stroud-valleys-trail-walking-and-cycle-route'>Stroud Valleys Trail</a>Stroud Valleys Trail.gpx
horton-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routeHorton Country ParkHorton Country ParkThis country park and nature reserve is located near Epsom in Surrey. Here you will find a rural landscape of fields, hedgerows, woods and ponds of great wildlife and historical value.  There are 400 acres of park to explore on a series of well laid out trails. The park is open to cycles with lovely flat paths like the one in the video below to enjoy. <br/> If you would like to continue your exercise you could head to the nearby <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/epsom-common-walking-and-cycle-route'>Epsom Common</a> or <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/ashtead-common-national-nature-reserve-walking-and-cycle-route'>Ashtead Common National Nature Reserve</a> which have more cycling and walking paths. The <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/three-downs-link-walking-and-cycle-route'>Three Downs Link</a> and the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/london-loop-walking-route'>London Loop</a> trails also run past the park.5.5704<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/horton-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Horton Country Park</a>Horton Country Park.gpx
lower-leas-coastal-park-walking-and-cycle-routeLower Leas Coastal ParkLower Leas Coastal ParkThis coastal country park is located in Folkestone and has fabulous views over the Kent coastline. National Cycle Route 2 also runs through the park.<br/>The park is divided into three zones. These include a formal zone with lovely gardens and pine avenues. The fun zone includes a free adventure play area and an amphitheatre. Finally, there's the wild zone with lots of interesting flora and fauna to look out for.<br/>It's a delightful place with imposing cliffs, interesting rock formations, wildflower meadows and lots in intersting plants and flowers.4689<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/lower-leas-coastal-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Lower Leas Coastal Park</a>Lower Leas Coastal Park.gpx
buchan-country-park-walking-routeBuchan Country ParkBuchan Country ParkExplore 170 acres of woodland, heath, ponds and meadow in this delightful park on the outskirts of Crawley. There are numerous peaceful trails to follow and a variety of wildlife to look out for such as dragonflies, nightjars, great-crested grebes, adders and grass snakes. 7707<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/buchan-country-park-walking-route'>Buchan Country Park</a>Buchan Country Park.gpx
poolsbrook-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routePoolsbrook Country ParkPoolsbrook Country ParkThis 180 acre park consists of 85 acres of woodland, 42 acres of grassland and 23 acres of green water. There are several miles of well maintained paths suitable for cyclists or walkers. The park is located in Staveley, very near to Chesterfield and the village of Duckmanton. 3.5749<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/poolsbrook-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Poolsbrook Country Park</a>Poolsbrook Country Park.gpx
west-dean-estate-walking-routeWest Dean EstateWest Dean EstateThis walk takes you around the beautiful gardens, woodland and arboretums in the West Dean Estate near Chichester. The gardens are particularly lovely with a Walled Kitchen Garden, a spectacular 300 foot-long Edwardian Pergola, a Spring Garden and a beautiful parkland walk with views over the South Downs. There are also views of the River Lavant and the wonderful West Dean College building.6710<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/west-dean-estate-walking-route'>West Dean Estate</a>West Dean Estate.gpx
pooley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routePooley Country ParkPooley Country ParkThis cycle or walk takes you around the lovely Pooley Country Park in Warwickshire. In the park you will find the Coventry Canal, a number of pretty lakes and the ruins of a Benedictine priory. The Alvecote Priory was founded in 1159 with the main entrance arch still standing at around 20 feet high. <br/>Park facilities include a Visitor Centre & Tea Room.9777<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/pooley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Pooley Country Park</a>Pooley Country Park.gpx
crab-and-winkle-way-cycle-routeCrab and Winkle WayCrab and Winkle WayThis lovely cycling and walking route runs from Whitstable on the Kent coast to Canterbury along National Cycle route 1. It is largely flat and traffic free running along a disused railway line for part of the route while also passing through Blean Woods on the way.<br>
Highlights on the route include the attractive harbour at Whitstable and the splendid <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/blean-woods-national-nature-reserve-walking-and-cycle-route'>Blean Woods National Nature Reserve</a> which is the largest ancient broadleaved woodland in southern Britain. The magnificent <a href='http://www.canterbury-cathedral.org/' target='_blank'>Canterbury Cathedral</a> is also a major attraction on this trail.<br/>Starting on the sea front in Whitstable, the route heads south through Thurston Park and South Tankerton, on the outskirts of the town. A woodland section then follows through <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/clowes-wood-walking-and-cycle-route'>Clowes Wood</a>. The woods are also designated as nature reserve and include attractive mixed woodland, heathland and wet meadow. Look out for wildlife which includes woodpeckers, Woodcock and if you're lucky an owl.<br/>After leaving the woods the route heads through the countryside to the outskirts of Canterbury, where you will pass the buildings of the University of Kent. The final sections takes you into Canterbury, finishing near Canterbury West Station.<br/>
This route is also easily accessible with train stations at Whitstable and Canterbury.
10.52680<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/crab-and-winkle-way-cycle-route'>Crab and Winkle Way</a>Crab and Winkle Way.gpx
bayhurst-wood-country-park-and-ruislip-woods-walking-and-cycle-routeBayhurst Wood Country Park and Ruislip WoodsBayhurst Wood Country Park and Ruislip WoodsBayhurst Wood Country Park and Ruislip Woods are located in the London Borough of Hillingdon and contain numerous walking and cycling trails. Ruislip Woods covers 726 acres and became the first National Nature Reserve in an urban area of England in 1997. The site includes grassland, ponds, streams, marshland and the delightful <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/ruislip-lido-walking-route'>Ruislip Lido</a>. <br/>
The site is popular with Mountain bikers as there are a number of challenging off road trails. However there are also family cycle routes such as the David Brough cycle trail which is located in Bayhurst Wood and is suitable for all abilities of rider.
8711<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/bayhurst-wood-country-park-and-ruislip-woods-walking-and-cycle-route'>Bayhurst Wood Country Park and Ruislip Woods</a>Bayhurst Wood Country Park and Ruislip Woods.gpx
victoria-park-walking-and-cycle-routeVictoria ParkVictoria ParkEnjoy over 200 acres of parkland in East London on this short cycle or walk. The park boasts two cafes, a boating lake and several tree lined walkways. National Cycle Network route 1 also runs through the park so you can bring your bike.<br/>
Good access points are Cambridge Heath and Hackney Wick rail stations or Mile End tube station.<br/>To extend your exercise you can head east and visit the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/olympic-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Olympic Park</a> where there's over 500 acres of parkland, waterways, playgrounds and cafes. The <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/capital-ring-walking-route'>Capital Ring</a>, <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/lea-valley-walk-walking-route'>Lea Valley Walk</a> and <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/jubilee-greenway-walking-route'>Jubilee Greenway</a> long distance trails also run through the area so you could pick up any of these to extend your walk.
3.2733<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/victoria-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Victoria Park</a>Victoria Park.gpx
river-dart-country-park-walking-routeRiver Dart Country ParkRiver Dart Country ParkThis park is set in 90 acres, with lakes, parkland, woodland trails and a lovely waterside path along the River Dart. Other attractions in the park include the impressive Holne Park House with delightful grounds and the River Dart Adventures play area where children can clamber over space nets and swing through trees on jungle ropes! There is also an excellent cafe and restaurant for refreshments.<br/>
The park is located in the Dartmoor National Park, just north of Buckfastleigh and the adjacent <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/hembury-woods-walking-route'>Hembury Woods</a>. Here you can enjoy some nice shady woodland trails and a climb to Hembury Castle Iron Age Hillfort. At the northern end of the woods you will also find <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/river-dart-country-park-walking-route'>River Dart Country Park</a> where there's 90 acres, of lakes, parkland, woodland trails and a lovely waterside footpath along the River Dart. <br/>Just to the south is <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/buckfastleigh-and-buckfast-abbey-walking-route'>Buckfast Abbey</a> where there's a series of well laid paths through the lovely gardens surrounding the abbey.<br/>The <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/dartmoor-way-walking-route'>Dartmoor Way</a> long distance trail also passes just to the west of the abbey. You can pick up the waymarked path in Buckfastleigh to explore the Dartmoor National Park. Following it west will take you to the pretty <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/venford-reservoir-walking-route'>Venford Reservoir</a> which has a nice trail around the water.
5.5718<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/river-dart-country-park-walking-route'>River Dart Country Park</a>River Dart Country Park.gpx
rufford-country-park-walking-routeRufford Country ParkRufford Country ParkVisit Rufford Country Park near <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/mansfield-walking-route'>Mansfield</a> and explore 150 acres of historic parkland. In the park you will find a medieval monastery, a craft centre, formal gardens, woodland walks, a sculpture trail and a lake.<br/>
Rufford park once formed part of a 12th century Cistercian abbey and its estate.  It is now a country house estate surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland open to the public.
5743<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/rufford-country-park-walking-route'>Rufford Country Park</a>Rufford Country Park.gpx
liberty-trail-walking-routeLiberty TrailLiberty Trail50.948677,-2.742559Follow in the footsteps of the villagers that made their way to join the Protestant Monmouth Rebellion in 1685.
The route starts at <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/ham-hill-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Ham Hill Country Park</a> where you will find splendid views of the Mendip Hills, Blackdown Hills, Quantock Hills and Dorset Downs. From here you head south through West Chinnock, Haselbury Plucknett, Misterton and Wayford before coming to <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/forde-abbey-walking-route'>Forde Abbey</a>. This former Cistercian monastery has 30 acres of award winning gardens and is well worth a look. Also of interest is <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/cricket-st-thomas-walking-route'>Cricket St Thomas</a> - it's just to the north of the trail and has 160 acres of parkland and gardens to explore.<br/>The route continues towards Thorncombe and then onto Fishpond Bottom via <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/lamberts-castle-to-coneys-castle-walking-route'>Lambert's Castle</a> Iron Age hill fort. The final stretch takes you past Wooton Fitzpaine to Lyme Regis on the coast.
4549<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/liberty-trail-walking-route'>Liberty Trail</a>Liberty Trail.gpx
sherwood-forest-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routeSherwood Forest Country ParkSherwood Forest Country ParkExplore 450 acres of peaceful woodland in this famous park and Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire. There are numerous cycling and walking tracks running through the park with National Cycle Network Route 6 passing through the centre of the park (see the <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkscycle/nottingham-to-worksop-cycle-route'>Nottingham to Worksop Cycle Route</a>). The <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/robin-hood-way-walking-route'>Robin Hood Way Walk</a> also passes right through the park.<br/>
In Sherwood Forest you'll pass the 800 year old Major Oak which is rumoured to be the base of Robin Hood. There are also excellent facilites with a Visitor Centre and cafe.<br/>
10744<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/sherwood-forest-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Sherwood Forest Country Park</a>Sherwood Forest Country Park.gpx
severn-valley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routeSevern Valley Country ParkSevern Valley Country ParkThis 126-acre riverside park consists of woodland, meadows and riverside banks with views of the River Severn. The park has several lovely waymarked trails while National Cycle Network Route 45 also runs through the park. Features in the park include a lake with a bird hide, a woodland walk along a boardwalk and a delightful riverside path. There is also an informative visitor centre and picnic areas.2.5751<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/severn-valley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Severn Valley Country Park</a>Severn Valley Country Park.gpx
great-notley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-routeGreat Notley Country ParkGreat Notley Country ParkA short walk or cycle around the 100 acre Great Notley Country Park in Braintree, Essex.  The park is a mixture of wetland and open grassland with views of the Essex Countryside. Cycle hire is available within the park and there is also a cafe for refreshments. Great Notley is located a couple of miles south west of Braintree.5752<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/great-notley-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Great Notley Country Park</a>Great Notley Country Park.gpx
jubilee-way-(leics)-walking-routeJubilee Way (Leics)Jubilee Way (Leics)52.700646,-0.873434Follow the Jubilee Way through Leicestershire and into Lincolnshire on this delightful walk.<br/>The walk starts off at the beautiful<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/burrough-hill-country-park-walking-route'>Burrough Hill Country Park</a> and heads to Melton Mowbray passing Little Dalby on the way. You continue north through <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/melton-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Melton Country Park</a>, with its pretty lakes, before joining the Scalford Brook which takes you to Scalford. The path continues through Eaton and then to a pleasant wooded section through Barkestone Wood that leads to the impressive <a href='http://www.belvoircastle.com/' target='_blank'>Belvoir Castle</a>. This 19th century castle has a splendid interior with grand State Rooms and several notable paintings by Gainsborough. The gardens are also beautifully laid out making the castle a real highlight on the trail. The walk finishes soon after at the pretty village of <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/woolsthorpe-by-belvoir-and-belvoir-castle-walking-route'>Woolsthorpe by Belvoir</a>.34257<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/jubilee-way-(leics)-walking-route'>Jubilee Way (Leics)</a>Jubilee Way (Leics).gpx
plymouths-waterfront-walkway-walking-routePlymouth's Waterfront WalkwayPlymouth's Waterfront Walkway50.365640,-4.163733A nice easy walk along a section of the south west coast path which highlights the city's history and heritage. The walk links the Cremyll Ferry landing stage on the shores of the Tamar with Jennycliff on the eastern side of Plymouth Sound.<br/>Known as Plymouth's Waterfront Walkway the walk is suitable for families with good paths and lots to see on the way. Highlights include Plymouth Hoe, Smeatons Lighthouse, the pretty Marina at the Barbican, Hooe Lake and Fort Bovisand at the end of the walk.16260<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/plymouths-waterfront-walkway-walking-route'>Plymouth's Waterfront Walkway</a>Plymouth's Waterfront Walkway.gpx
burbage-common-walking-and-cycle-routeBurbage CommonBurbage CommonExplore 200 acres of semi-natural woodland, wildflower meadows and unspoilt grassland in this country park in Hinckley. There are a number of well maintained walking paths and a bridleway suitable for cyclists. There is also a visitor centre with displays explaining the management of the common and woods.<br/>
The park is located about a mile east of Hinckley town centre. The <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/leicestershire-round-walking-route'>Leicestershire Round</a> walking route runs through the park so you could extend your walk if you wish.
6.5835<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/burbage-common-walking-and-cycle-route'>Burbage Common</a>Burbage Common.gpx
southend-millennium-walk-walking-routeSouthend Millennium WalkSouthend Millennium Walk51.535023,0.698997Enjoy the coastline and surrounding countryside of this famous seaside resort on this interesting circular walk.<br/>
You will enjoy beaches, the famous Golden Mile with its numerous tourist attractions and the longest pier in the world on the coastal stretch which starts at Southend Tourist Information Centre. Highlights on the walk include Southend's pretty cliff gardens near the start. The elevated park includes formal and informal gardens with beautiful views across the Thames Estuary. You'll also visit <a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/hadleigh-country-park-walking-and-cycle-route'>Hadleigh Country Park</a> and the ruins of the 13th century Hadleigh Castle before heading inland through the attractive Essex Countryside, passing through Rochford on the way. You then return to the coast for another pleasant coastal stretch through Thorpe Bay before finishing back at the Tourist information centre in Southend.
39302<a href='http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/southend-millennium-walk-walking-route'>Southend Millennium Walk</a>Southend Millennium Walk.gpx
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