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Battlesbury Hill

1 miles (2.2 km)

This walk takes you to an ancient Hillfort and viepwoint in Warminster, Wiltshire.
There's decent footpaths leading up to the hill top from Sack Hill Road which lies just to the north of the site. Here you will find a hill fort dating to the Late Bronze Age & the Iron Age (800 BCE–200 BCE). You can walk around the ancient banks and ditches while enjoying a splendid view of the surrounding hills and countryside. The hill stands at a height of 208 metres so it is a reasonable climb to the top.
You can extend the walk by picking up the Imber Range Perimeter Path and following it south to visit Scratchbury Hill. The route could then be followed further around the MOD's area on Salisbury Plain.


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Further Information and Other Local Ideas

Head west and you can enjoy another climb to the popular viewpoint at Cley Hill. The waterside paths around Shearwater Lake can also be found near here.


Dew pond, Battlesbury Hill, Warminster - - 240387

Dew pond, Battlesbury Hill. Dew ponds seen on the Wiltshire downs were mainly made in the 19th and 20th centuries. This one may have been made after the area started to be used for military training. The pond is the grassy area nearest the camera; the photo shows about half the area of the pond.

View south-east from Battlesbury Hill, near Warminster - - 962175

View south-east from Battlesbury Hill. The smaller hill at the left is Middle Hill. The larger hill to its right is Scratchbury Hill.

2011 , Ancient banks and ditches, Battlesbury Hill - - 2393917

Ancient banks and ditches, Battlesbury Hill. Excavations and surveys at the site have uncovered various finds and archaeological evidence. Pits found within the fortifications containedlate Iron Agepottery, the hub of a chariot wheel, an iron carpenter's saw, a latch-lifter for a hut door,querns,whetstones,sling stones, and animal bones. These all indicate a permanent occupation and date from the 1st centuryBC.

Round barrow, Battlesbury Hill, Warminster - - 240393

Round barrow. This is a bronze age round barrow within the iron age earthworks at the top of Battlesbury Hill. The barrow is on the right of the photo, the bank beyond is part of the iron age earthworks.

Imber range, near Norton Bavant, Wiltshire - - 962206

Imber range, near Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. The foreground shows the eastern earthwork of the hill fort atop Battlesbury Hill. The buildings just to the right of centre are in this square and are marked on the map as 'Field Barn' which is not a place name, just a generic term which is self-explanatory. The road winding away into the distance is the southern range road.

Track below Battlesbury Hill, view to Warminster - - 240398

Track below Battlesbury Hill, view to Warminster. The track across the field at the bottom of the hillside is a public footpath. View from the earthwork at the top of the hill, looking towards Warminster.


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