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Route NamePhotoDistanceDescription
Broch of Gurness1 miles (1 km)Visit this Iron Age broch village on Mainland Orkney and learn about its fascinating history stretching back over 2000 years. There are also wonderful coastal views over the Eynhallow Sound to enjoy. View Full Details>>
Brough of Birsay3 miles (5 km)Visit this tidal island on this short walk on Mainland Orkney. Access to the island is via a240m causewayacross the Sound of Birsay. It is only crossable at low tide - click here for tide times. On the island you will find the remains of PictishandNorsesettlements and a modern light house.
You can extend your walking in the area by visiting the nearby Marwick Head RSPB nature reserve. View Full Details>>
Marwick Head3 miles (5 km)This RSPB Nature Reserve has some splendid coastal scenery and the largest cliff-nesting seabird colony on Orkney Mainland. Walk along the red sandstone cliffs and look out for up to 25,000 breeding seabirds. The walk also visits The Kitchener Memorialwhich commemorates Lord Kitchener and the crew of HMS Hampshire, which struck a mine and sank nearby on 5 June 1916. Parking is available at route start at the Marwick Bay car park.
If you would like to continue your walk then the Brough of Birsay is just a mile or so up the coast from Marwick Head. View Full Details>>
Mull Head4 miles (6 km)This circular walk visits the Mull Head Nature Reserve on Mainland Island in the Orkney Islands. There are200 acres of grassland, heath and sea cliffs to explore with a wide variety of birdlife to look out for. The walk also visits the Gloup. This fascinating collapsedsea caveis about 40 yards long and 80 feet deep. There are viewing platforms and parking is available at the Gloup car park. View Full Details>>
Old Man of Hoy5 miles (8 km)This walk takes you to the amazing 449-foot sea stack on the island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands. The walk begins from the Rackwick car park and follows a popular signposted footpath to the Old Man of Hoy. There are splendid views of the beautiful Rackwick Bay and of the surrounding countryside and hills on this varied walk. Look out for peregrine falcons near the spectacular sea cliffs. View Full Details>>
Ring of Brodgar2 miles (4 km)This walk visits a section of the fascinating Heart of Neolithic Orkney World heritage Site on Mainland island. The settlements are in a beautiful spot, next to the Loch of Stenness and surrounded by heather and wildlfowers. The area is also a RSPB Reserve with lots of wildlife to see. Look out for Curlews, drumming snipe, lapwings, dunlins, redshanks and oystercatchersas you make your way around the site.
The notable ring of stones stands on a smallisthmusbetween theLochs of StennessandHarray. They are the northernmost circle henge inBritain and the third largest. It is thought to have been erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC.
After exploring the site you can head south east for just over half a mile and visit the Standing Stones of Stenness. The stones may be the oldesthengesite in the British Isles. Based onradiocarbon dating, it is thought that work on the site had begun by 3100 BC.
Just next to the stones you will find Maeshowe. TheNeolithicchambered cairnandpassage gravedates from around2800 BC. It's an impressive sight and one of the largest tombs in Orkney. The mound encasing the tomb is 115 feet (35m) in diameter and rises to a height of 24 feet (7.3m).
You can extend your walk by heading to Skara Brae and the Bay of Skaill.
You can virtually explore the area on the google street view link below! View Full Details>>
Skara Brae and the Bay of Skaill1 miles (2 km)Visit this fascinating Neolithicsettlement located on Mainlandin the Orkney Islands. The settlement is located on the beautiful Bay of Skaill and is designated as a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. Skara Brae dates from 3180 BCE–2500 BCE and consists of eight clustered houses with stone bed enclosures, dressers and seats. The site is superbly preserved and referred to as the ScottishPompeii. There are good facilities with a visitor centre and cafe.
The walk also takes in some wonderful coastinline. You could continue your walk along the coast towards Yesnabyand Neban Point.
Another must see site is the Ring of Brodgar. The notable ring of stones stands on a smallisthmusbetween theLochs of StennessandHarray. It also includes the Standing Stones of Stenness and Maeshowe burial chamber. View Full Details>>

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