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Kilmartin Glen Walk

3 miles (5 km)

This walk visits a fascinating ancient site near the village of Kilmartin in Argyll and Bute.
The site includes over 800 prehistoric monuments including the Ballymeanoch stones, the circle at Temple Wood and the remains atDunaddof the fortress of the Scots.
You can start the walk in the village and then follow footpaths south to the burial cairns, henge monuments and standing stones. On the way there are also glorious views of the surrounding countryside and hills.
Back in the village you can visit the Kilmartin Museum and find out more about the history and archaeology of the area.
See the photos and supporting text below for more information on each on the monuments you can see at the site. The video further down also gives more details on the history of the site.


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Further Information and Other Local Ideas

The epic Caledonia Way passes through the area. The signed cycle route runs from CampbeltowntoInverness passing many of the spectacular highlights of the area. Much of the route is also suitable for walkers.

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View over the fields to Kilmartin - - 995168

View over the fields to Kilmartin. Barr Mor in the background.

Kilmartin's linear cemetery - - 476850

Kilmartin's linear cemetery. This is the only chambered cairn of the five in Kilmartin's linear cemetery. Excavations in 1864 revealed evidence for use over perhaps a thousand years. A round-based bowl dates to about 2,500 BC while a Beaker, arrowheads and cists show people used the site differently hundreds of years later. There were two secondary cists: this one, still visible, is 8m from the chamber, and consists of four massive slabs and capstone.

Nether Largie Standing Stones - - 476837

Nether Largie Standing Stones. There are two pairs of standing stones approximately 64 metres apart with a small group of four stones and another of five stones between them. This view is of the central stones looking towards the pair at the south-west.

Templewood stone circle - - 476848

Templewood stone circle 1. This is the smaller of two stone circles which lie within sight of Kilmartin's linear cemetery and Nether Largie standing stones. The original locations of the standing stones are marked by concrete slabs.

Templewood stone circle - - 476844

Templewood stone circle 2. This is the central part of the larger of two stone circles which lie within sight of Kilmartin's linear cemetery and Nether Largie standing stones. Excavations in 1929 and 1974-9 revealed a sequence of use over a least 2,000 years. One circle may date to 3,500. Burials and pottery associated with the other are over 1000 years younger.

Dunadd, Kilmartin - - 381047

Dunadd, Kilmartin. This was the capital of the Kingdom of Dalriada between AD 500 until about 850 when Kenneth MacAlpine, who was King of both Scots and Picts, moved the capital to Scone, near perth.

Field in Kilmartin Glen - - 995078

Field in Kilmartin Glen. With the standing stones near Nether Largie just visible.

Ri Cruin Cairn - - 995038

Ri Cruin Cairn


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