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Medway Megaliths Walk

3 miles (5.3 km)

This interesting walk visits the site of a number ofEarly Neolithicchambered long barrowsand megalithicmonuments located in the lower valley of theRiver Medway, near Chatham.
The circular walk starts from the car park at the Blue Bell Hill picnic site, just to the south of the village. From here you can pick up the Maidstone Centenary Walk and follow it south west towards Eccles. You then turn south towards Hale Farm towards the site of the megaliths. These include Kit's Coty House and Little Kit's Coty House, constructedcirca4000 BCE, during theEarly Neolithicperiod of British prehistory, surviving today in aruined state. Archaeologistshave established that the monument was built bypastoralistcommunities shortly after the introduction ofagricultureto Britain from continental Europe.You'll also pass the CoffinStone, a largesarsenstonelocated close to the other two monuments. Various archaeologists have argued, that the stone was part of achambered long barrowconstructed in thefourth millennium BCE, during Britain'sEarly Neolithicperiod. It is a rectangular stone lying flat and measuring 4.4 metres (14ft) long and 2.8 metres (9.2ft) wide.
After exploring the stones the walk picks up a section of the North Downs Way to take you back to the car park.
To extend the walk you can head west of the Medway to visit three other chambered tombs: theColdrum Stones,Addington long barrow, andChestnuts long barrow. You could also pick up the Medway Valley Walk and enjoy a stroll along the river.
Part of this walk uses the Pilgrims Way long distance trail which is another good option for further exploring the area.

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Three Medway Megaliths

Three Medway Megaliths

Stones at Little Kit's Coty

Sarsence in the Early Neolithic chambered tomb ofLittle Kit's Coty House

Coldrum Long Barrow 03

Coldrum Long Barrow

Kit's Coty House 02

Kit's Coty House, a neolithic dolmen near Blue Bell Hill

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